A is for Apple / by Emily Schroeder Willis

For the past month, my husband and I have been gorging ourselves on the AMAZING apples we get at the farmers market down the street from us.  It's been so fun trying out new varieties and realizing that there is a whole other world of fruit!  I must say, I have become quite addicted to Northern Spy's, Mutsu's and Melrose apples.  They are delicious!

What I enjoy almost as much as the fruit, are the faces my dear husband makes for me from our fruit bowl before he leaves for work. What an artist! 

I will even put in a few oldies, but goodies. Enjoy!

I like the vitamin "mole"Banana Rama

Not fruit, but I loved it when Matt said he could make a million faces out of any breakfast. A bacon mustache!


























Bright eyes

Breakfast face