Musik / by Emily Schroeder Willis

Le Loup BathsE VaxBibioI am ramping up for a big firing in the next few weeks, which means,  I will need to be in the studio more than normal in order to fire this kiln on time to ship off work for shows.  This also means, a lot of time listening to the radio/ipod/podcasts.  My taste in music has changed over the years and I find myself listening more experimental and electronic music (in addition to, of course, Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me, All Songs Considered and This American Life on NPR).  I feel like electronic music is the classical music of modern day; a series of rhythms and textures which often carry the same abstracted narrative quality as so much classical music.   A few groups I have been listening to lately are: Le Loup , Baths, E Vax and Bibio.  I really find it so interesting how they mix together organic and digital sound, with sometimes peppering in a bit of vocals.

This summer while teaching a workshop at Santa Fe Clay, someone asked me what I listen to in the studio.  I have had other people ask me that question, but a lot of times I have equated music type to a specific activity, meaning: the music should be in tempo with the speed in which I should be getting something done.  It wasn't until one day this summer that I went for a run and put on a group which I would normally equate to a slower pace.  I ended up having a fabulous run and I have since shifted how I separate my music out.  All that to say, I am going to be putting my nose to the grindstone for the next few weeks and I am really curious what other people listen to.  If anyone has some fun stuff, feel free to post or email!