Pro-cess / by Emily Schroeder Willis

When I was teaching in Canada, I always loved the way Canadians said the word process.  It always sounded so cute to me, they would say it more like "pro-cess" versus the american "pra-cess".

This summer I was fortunate enough to have an amazing girl email me and ask if she could help me in the studio, how can you say no?  She was so amazing to have around and helped me out with all sorts of smaller projects that I have never quite had the time to get to.  One of those projects was my "pro-cess".  She helped me document the way I work so when people want to know how I make what I make, I can point to a series of images and show them.

So here are Megan Kelley's beautiful images that help document my process:

images by Megan Kelley