Oh the places we will go / by Emily Schroeder Willis

I feel like each month I make a resolution to myself to post more and I continually find myself swamped with more and more things.   I feel like I could break up this post into several different ones, but since we have now moved in February, I feel like I just need to go ahead and do all of them.


At the beginning of last month I did a 2 day workshop at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and had such a great time!

On the way out to Kentucky I ran into a familiar face, which started a treasure hunt...


Every morning when I take the train to my studio/work I see this image, so I think its kind of fun when you run into Andre the Giant in an unfamiliar location!


So, I then began looking for more "OBEY" stickers at the airport and found this one:

So, I am curious if you have bumped into any of these in your travels?


Anyhow, back to Centre College....
We had such a fun time together for the two days.  They have a great studio that is located just off of the train tracks and if I was working there, I would be so interested at all of the things passing by, I think I might have a difficult time working!


It's very nice being a pinch potter because there aren't that many tools to bring with you other than your fingers!


Here is a great view of their studio space.  Isn't it awesome?


Everyone was working so hard and making incredible work!  My visit coincided with the beginnings of their "Porcelain Class", so we worked on a few techniques and then left them to their own interpretations.


The other thing I have to add is that whenever I travel to a new place, my absolute most FAVORITE thing to do is to go to the local grocery store.  Call me weird, but I am always so intrigued by what certain areas carry that other parts of our county don't.  For example, in Chicago, we have "Atomic Hot Dog Relish" that is literally neon green and cornmeal crust pizzas.  So, here was my trip to the grocery store in Danville.  I will leave it to your own interpretation as to what would sit at the table were you to be invited over for dinner....  Cheers!